Steps to buy a property in Tenerife​.

Firstly, as part of our service, we will search for properties which will suit your needs and we will send you more information and photographs about the matched properties.

Before your arrival to Tenerife, we can discuss with you the best time and dates to view your chosen properties and make arrangements for us to accompany you on your property viewing.
In addition to this, we will also continue to search for further properties to ensure we find the right home for you!

Our services also include working with other brokers on the island and acting as a middle-person, helping you through the entire process of your purchase and within a language you understand.

Once a property has been found which you wish to purchase and at an agreed price, we will draw-up and provide you with a reservation contract. The contract will include the terms of the purchase for your chosen property.

We will then examine and prepare all the relevant documentation for the property, ready for you to sign at the notary (solicitor).

In Tenerife, it is a legal requirement for foreigners to have an NIE number as part of your identification. This is a requirement for all non-residents who wish to buy property in Spain. We will support and accompany you to the police station to ensure this process is completed properly.

Furthermore, we will also accompany you to a local bank so we can offer assistance if needed, to open a Spanish non-resident bank account.

We will discuss with you and arrange dates for you to revisit Tenerife for signing the notary for the purchase of your new property.
On the day of the notary signing, we will assist you to visit the bank and help you to prepare the insurance for your property.

After signing the notary, there will be some administration work which is important to complete such as the payment for the transfer tax, registration, the water, electricity, land registry account and waste disposal to be transferred to your name.

We will ensure that all the administration work is completed correctly for you.

You can find more information about the additional costs that must be paid for this administrative work at “What additional costs are there?

If you have any further questions; do not hesitate to contact us!