Tenerife is the largest of the eight Canary Islands, and politically belongs to Spain.
Geographically, it lies on the same parallel as the Sahara, which is why the island enjoys a unique and sunny climate.
The average annual temperature is around 22 degrees; in summer it doesn’t get too hot and in winter it doesn’t get too cold.

Tenerife is also called “the island of eternal spring” and has a great diversity of landscapes.
In the north of the island the climate is slightly colder and more humid than in the south, which is warmer, drier and sunnier.
This makes Tenerife popular for sunbathing on the many beaches, as well as for the beautiful green nature and for walking and cycling.

And not to forget; it is known for its 3.718m high volcano El Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, with its beautiful lunar landscape.
In winter it can sometimes snow there, while on the coast you can enjoy 20 degrees of heat.

Everything is slightly cheaper than on the mainland.
The island benefits from low taxes and some tax-free products.

The archipelago is a neighbour of Africa, but is Spanish territory and therefore European.
Hospital equipment, consulates, schools etc. meet the usual European standards.
Ports and airports have a modern infrastructure and permanent communication with the continent and make the island easy to reach by you.

If you own a property in Tenerife, you should know that the sun will always be nearby!

In addition to the ideal climate you can take beautiful walks in nature with breathtaking sunsets, experience adventures by bike, motorbike, buggy and horse as well as sea excursions to watch whales and dolphins or learn how to dive.
Go shopping in many stores and malls without forgetting the excellent gastronomy in numerous restaurants and bistro.