Do you wish to sell your property in Tenerife; do not hesitate to contact us!

How does our team help you as a seller?

First, we make an appointment with you to visit and appraise your property. 

In the process, and with total transparency, we provide you with the most complete, personalized, and sincere advice possible in relation to the sales process with the aim of jointly establishing a correct sales price in line with market expectations.
At the same time, we provide you with a detailed description of the costs for which you are responsible as a seller.  

Then we compile a file that includes professional photos and a video of your property,
that we then publish on the Internet and at all our social networks. 

This professional file is not only published on our website (,
but also on other specialized real estate websites in order to maximize the visibility of your property.
Furthermore we send this sale file to our contacts and our network of real estate agents, as well as to potential buyers on our mailing list. 

Your property will also be visible in printed format in the various brochures and magazines distributed throughout the island. 
And if you wish, we can also place an agency sign on your property that will allow potential buyers to contact us directly for more information.

Once potential buyers show interest in your property, we organize visits and we will visit your property together with the prospective buyers.
During these visits, we communicate to potential buyers the essential information of the property, the stages of the acquisition process,
the related costs for the buyer and all the procedures to carry out. 

As soon as one or more buyers have been identified, an offer may be made and communicated to you.

When a sales price has been agreed upon by both parties, we establish a sales agreement
and ensure that the deposit amount is credited to the agreed bank account within the time limits. 

In the meantime, we gather with you all the necessary documents to constitute a complete and essential notarial file
for the signing of the deed of sale at the notary. 

Subsequently, in consultation with the interested parties, we set the date and time of signing the deed at the notary. 

We ensure that the buyers also have the necessary documents in their possession to be able to sign at the notary
and that they have been informed accurately and on time about the balance still to be paid to you at the notary.

On scheduled the day, we accompany you with the signing of the deed at the notary, which will also be translated for you.

After signing, where the balance of the agreed price is paid to you,
we also make sure that all mandatory procedures related to the sale are completed. 

We help you with various administrative tasks you have as a seller, such as: canceling your home insurance, making certain payments,
completing the documents related to the sale and we help you register the supply contracts in the name of the new owners, such as the contract for the supply of water, for the supply of electricity, the contract regarding the community fees, the IBI (property taxes),the garbage collection, etc.

After the formalization of the sale, we provide you with the necessary documents within the established deadlines
so that you can complete the income statement related to the sale of your property.
In this context, we will also give you relevant explanations from specialist accountants.
To avoid unpleasant surprises and unforeseen costs, it is very important to be well assisted and advised in all these administrative procedures. 

Our team of experts will be happy to find you the right buyers
and guide you from A to Z throughout the entire process of selling your property in Tenerife. 

If you want to sell your property in Tenerife; do not hesitate to contact us!


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