About “Immo Sara Tenerife”

Since the end of 2012, I have worked with great enthusiasm for a big real estate agency in Tenerife,
from which I have been able to learn a lot and for which I am very grateful.
Due to the Covid crisis I considered doing something else for a few years, because of the uncertain situation,
despite my love for the job.
But thanks to the many encouragements from my clients,
I decided to move on and take the next step in my career and to develop myself professionally even further.
And so, in December 2020, “ImmoSaraTenerife” was born.

Method and Services:
I work “à la carte”, I search for you “tailor-made”, I work “by appointment”
and I accompany you through the entire process of buying and/or selling your property in Tenerife, from start to finish.
I work together with professional specialists in their field; lawyers, accountants, consultancies, etc.
If I don’t have the real estate that you are looking for in my own portfolio, I will search for you with other brokers of trust,
this until I have found the ideal property for you, and also then I will guide you throughout the process from A till Z and in your own language.

Up till today, I still love my job, and I do it with a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure.
Thanks to all my clients who have always believed in me and thanks to whom “ImmoSaraTenerife” was created!
I am at your disposal for all your real estate transactions in Tenerife.
Thank you very much and hope to see you soon.
With best regards,